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This Is The First Official Episode Of The Eric Andre Show. In This Episode, Eric Interviews George Clooney (Impersonator) And Dolph Lundgren

Intro For Episode:

  • Eric Crashes Into The Show's Logo
  • Eric Throws The Drummer's Bass Drum And Then Tackles Him
  • Next, Eric Pushes His Shelf And Then Crashes Into His Desk
  • Eric Throws A Ladder At His Shelf
  • He Rips Up The Curtain In The Background
  • Eric Pulls Out His Teeth With Plyers And Then Kisses A Stagehand Who Gives Him Coffee
  • Eric Has Each Hand Stuffed In A Turkey And Screams "MY HANDS!"
  • Eric Jumps Off A Chair And Tears Down A Curtain Peice
  • Then, Eric Is Naked And Kicks His Broken Desk
  • Finally, Eric Throws A Snare Drum And Sits Down In His Chair

George Clooney Interview

Dolph Lundgren Interview

Special Guest

Eric Accidently Booked 2 Musical Acts

  • Modern Time Machine
  • Retaliate

Pranks/Skits For Episode

  • Garbage Can Surprise
  • Touch A Strangers Hand Day
  • Colonial WilliamsBurg Slaves
  • This Or That (In Show Skit)