This Is The Fifth Episode Of The Second Season And The 15th Episode Overall. In This Episode, Eric Interviews James Van Der Beek And Steve - O.

Intro For Episode:

(T-Pain Is A Musical Guest That Is Apart Of The Band For The Whole Episode)

  • Eric Crashes Through The Shows Logo
  • Eric Throws A Keyboard
  • He Jumps Off His Shelf And Hops Onto His Desk
  • Eric Introduces His Musical Guest, T - Pain
  • Next, Eric Cuts Off His Tongue
  • Eric Jumps On Three Violins
  • Then, A Preacher Tries To Get The Demons Out Of Eric
  • Finally, Eric Throws A Plant In A Vase And Then Sits Down

James Van Der Beek Interview

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Steve - O Interview

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Special Guest

Pranks/Skits For Episodes

  • Officer Eric Needs Help
  • Cyclops
  • City Council Meeting