Episode Description

Intro For Episode:

  • Eric Jumps Off A Chair And Rams Straight Into The Show's Logo
  • Next, Eric Tackles The Drummer
  • Eric Jumps Off His Shelf And Crashes Into His Desk
  • Then, Eric Hits A Pillar And A Drum Cymbal With A Baseball Bat
  • Eric Fingers, Blows And Decapitates A Snowman
  • He Crashes Strait Through His Shelf
  • Eric Gets Crushed By A Paino But Survives
  • Eric Then Tries To Smash His Desk Again But It Comes Alive And Attacks Him
  • Eric's Head And Hands Are Inside Of A Turkey And He Makes Gobble Noises
  • Finally, Eric Throws A Pool Step Ladder And Sits Down In His Chair

Lauren Conrad Interview

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Reese Witherspoon Interview

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Special Guest

Morpheus Buress

  • Hannibal Buress (Yeah, Its Just Hannibal. Nothing Special About It)

Pranks/Skits For Episode

  • Bird Up
  • Public Scalping
  • Invention Of Ladders (In Show Skit)
  • Team Go
  • 101 Dalmations