Episode Description

Intro For Episode:

  • Eric Crashes Into The Show's Logo
  • Eric Tackles The Drummer And Punches Him A Few Times
  • Eric Then Falls From A High Surface And Smashes Into His Desk, Completely Destroying It
  • Next, Eric Eats The Dirt Out Of His Plants Pot
  • Eric Pushes A Pillar Onto The Floor
  • Then, Eric Is Naked And Smashes His Shelf With A Hammer
  • Eric Is Naked Again And Kicks A Small Bulky TV
  • Eric Is Shot By A Firing Squad
  • Finally, Eric Throws A Small, Glass Pillar And Sits Down In His Chair

Lou Ferrigno Interview

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Downtown Julie Brown Interview

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Special Guest

Pranks/Skits For Episode

  • Wall Street
  • Blind Man/Missing Dog
  • Harry's Car Place