This Is The First Episode Of The Second Season. In This Episode, Eric's Set Gets An Upgrade, The Quality Of The Show Changes From Low To High And Eric Interviews Maria Menounos And Eric Balfour.


  • Eric Runs Head First Into The Show's Logo
  • Eric Throws A Bass Drum At A Pillar Which Destroys Both Objects
  • Then Eric Tackles The Drummer
  • Next, Eric Jumps Off His Shelf And Crashes Into His Desk
  • Eric Gets Caught Up In The Background Curtain
  • Eric Pushes A Pillar Over On The Floor
  • Eric Then Beats Up Ben Franklin
  • Eric Beats Another Pillar With A Bat
  • Next, Eric Crashes Through His Shelf
  • In The Next Scene, Eric Is Naked And Kicks A Globe
  • Eric Is On The Floor Crying And Holding A Peice Of His Destroyed Desk
  • Finally, Eric Throws A Potted Plant And Then Sits Down In His Chair

Maria Menounos

Eric Interviews Maria Menounos And During The Interview Hannibal Eats A Tuna Fish Sandwich Off The Floor, Eric Gets Maria To Play These Are People And Then He Falls Back In His Chair, Breaking The Chair And Probably Hurting Himself.

Eric Balfour

Eric Interviews Eric Balfour And During The Interview Eric Asks Balfour Who Is The Hottest Girl He Has Hooked Up With And They Began Talking About Oriental Background Actresses. Then Eric Wants Talks About Balfour's New Movie, Jesus Hates Zombies, And Before They Could Even Start Talking In - Depth About It, Balfour Gets Fed Up With Water Dripping On Him, It Being Hot In The Studio And Other Things. Eventually, He Calls Eric's Show Stupid And Rants Even More.

Special Guest

Irontom Perfroms A Cut Off Their New EP

  • Irontom

Pranks/Skits For Episode:

  • Sign Spinner
  • Statue Of Liberty
  • Buying A Hot Dog