This Is The Second Episode Of The Eric Andre Show. In This Episode, Eric Interviews A Russell Brand Impersonator, A Very Bad One , And Rick Fox.

Intro For Episode:

  • Eric Crashes Through The Show's Logo
  • Eric Throws A Bass Drum And Tackles The Drummer
  • Eric Then Crashes Into His Desk
  • Next, Eric Rips A Phonebook In Half
  • He Rips The Curtain In The Background
  • Eric Tries Cracking A Wall Nut While Blood Pours Out Of His Mouth
  • Then, Eric Hits A Drum Cymbal With A Baseball Bat
  • Eric Says A Curse/Spell While Knitting
  • Eric Pours Gasoline Over His Head And Gets Sprayed With Mase
  • He Cuts Some Wood With A Chainsaw
  • Eric Punches Himself In The Face A Couple Times
  • And Finally, Eric Sits Down And Crazily Does His Monologue

Russel Brand Interview

Eric Interviews A Russell Brand Impersonator.

Rick Fox Interview

Eric Interviews Rick Fox But Not Really, Since They Only Used About 20 Seconds Of The Interview Where Rick Fox Walks In, Blocks Eric From Throwing Basketball And Eric Smashes Hannibal's Face In With A Baseball Bat. The Actual Interview Was About 45 Minutes To An Hour.

Special Guest

Pranks/Skits For Episode

  • The Cat Burglar
  • Sexy Hot-Dog
  • Nudist Tennis