This Is The List Of Every Prank Eric Pulled Off For The Second Season Of The Show.

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Episode 1: Maria Menounos; Eric Balfour
Sign Spinner, Statue Of Liberty, Buying A Hot Dog
Episode 2: Krysten Ritter; Dominic Monaghan
Parking Enforcement, Ghostbusters Prank, Beekeeper On Subway
Episode 3: Lou Ferrigno; Downtown Julie Brown
Wall Street, Blind Man/Missing Dog, Harry's Car Place
Episode 4: Jodie Sweetin; Vivica A. Fox
Ranch It Up, M&M's On The Subway, Lost Riot Cop
Episode 5: James Van Der Beek; Steve-O
Officer Eric Needs Help, Cyclops, City Council Meeting
Episode 6: Wink Martindale; Sarah Burns
Bird Up!, Toothpaste, Skydiver
Episode 7: Lance Reddick; Harry Shum, Jr.
Drunk Sailor, Computer Repair
Episode 8: Joey Fatone; Richard Hatch
Bartender, "Do You Know How To Get To The Hospital?",Daddy Needs His Juice, Mattress Shopping
Episode 9: Chance the Rapper; Mel B.
Centaur On The Subway, Black Scientologists, Broken Laptop,

Merry Christmas From The Eric Andre Show

Episode 10: Scott Porter; Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
Punch A Stranger's Face Day, Insane Eric On The Street,

Church Christmas Display Destruction