This is the second episode of the Fourth Season and the 32nd episode overall. In this episode, Eric interviews Stacey Dash and Jack McBrayer. The episode aired on August 12th 2016.


  • Eric runs and crashes into the show's logo
  • He then throws a bass drum and tackles the Drummer
  • Eric climbs on his shelf and jumps on his desk
  • Abraham Lincoln shoots Eric in the head
  • Eric runs Into another shelf
  • He tears his arm off and destroys a lamp with it
  • Next, Eric cries while hitting his head with a screeching cat
  • Then Abraham Lincoln has anal sex with Eric
  • Finally, Eric sits down in his chair


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Stacey Dash Interview

{Stacey Dash Interview}

Jack McBrayer

Eric interviews Jack McBrayer and the interview is full on crazy. A man pops out from under the desk saying "How about these prices Jack?!" After this happens, Eric pulls out two note cards containing the writing "$12" on the first card and "$15" on the second. Hannibal talks in a creepy deep voice saying "This is what my real voice sounds like", fireworks pop off in the background and the drummer screams out an ear splitting shriek.

Special Guest

Rapper Warrior Ninja

Pranks/Skits For Episode:


  • The full version of the Rapper Warrior Ninja segment is featured on Adult Swim's youtube channel and it is also featured on the Season 4 Promos page. The whole clip wasn't shown in this episode because it shortened down to save time.