This is the first episode of the Fourth Season and the 31st episode overall. In this episode, Eric interviews TI and Abby Lee Miller. The episode aired on August 5th, 2016.


  • (Eric Is Tied To A Rope And Is Being Controlled For The Whole Intro)
  • Eric crashes into the show's logo
  • He races over to the stage and tackles the drummer
  • Eric crashes into the shelf that's closest to his desk
  • Eric breaks his desk by falling onto it
  • He starts to tear the curtains that are hung in the background
  • Eric then screams "Why Are You Doing This?!"
  • He crashes into his shelf again and gets dragged across the floor
  • Eric throws some boxes around and then breaks the band's stage area
  • He has a hard time sitting in his chair while he is still being controlled
  • He is finally able to sit down in his chair as strings pull debris off the floor.


Eric welcomes his viewers to the Fourth Season of the show. He continues to greet his viewers by singing a song about how great his work place is. During this song, Eric is shocked by a stagehand and Hannibal points out that the song that makes absolutely no sense. Eric tells him to "go with it man" and right after he says this, he is flung into a shelf, with the rope tied to his back again.

TI Interview

Eric's first interview for the Fourth Season is with TI. During the interview, Eric masturbates under his desk, which results in it breaking through the top of the desk, he continues to masturbate even after this happening. A man dressed as a zombie busts through the floor and tries to grab TI's foot, which makes him kick the zombie in the face. Towards the end of the interview, a stagehand with a completely exposed penis walks onto the set, which ultimately makes TI leave. On his way out, he tips over Eric's lion podium.

Abby Lee Miller Interview

Eric's second interview for the fourth season is with Abby Lee Miller. During the interview, Eric falls into his desk, due to him being on a new medicine. Later, A drone flies down with hot dogs tied to it for Eric's lunch break. Hannibal exits the set by walking through Eric's shelf and then he dances back onto the set and enters through the curtain. At the end of the interview, a zookeeper comes out with a sloth in his hands to represent one of the 7 Deadly Sins, which is Sloth.

Special Guest

American Authors As A Human Centipede

Pranks/Skits For Episode


  • This was originally the first episode to get a TV-PG-L rating. Since 2016, it has been rated TV-MA-LS.
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  • As stated in the article, TI knocks over Eric's lion podium. If you are not sure what these are, they are small, ancient looking pillars with Lions placed on the top. It was one of the new items added to the set in Season 4 and it is placed by the curtains where the guests enter.