The Eric Andre Show
The Eric Andre Logo
Created by Eric André
Presented by Eric André
Starring Eric André

Hannibal Buress

Narrated by Gary Anthony Williams (Season 1)

Tom Kane (Season 2)

Robert Smith (Spooktacular to present)

# of episodes 40 (2 specials)
# of seasons 4
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) Abso Lutely Productions

Sick Duck Productions

Working for Monsters (Seasons 1 and 2)

Naked Faces

Williams Street

Original channel Adult Swim
Picture format 4:3 SDTV (Season 1)

16:9 HDTV (Season 2 - present)

Original release May 20, 2012 - present
The Eric Andre Show is a late night talk show starring professional rancher Eric André that appears on Adult Swim. Eric interviews celebrities like George Clooney and Seth Rogen to the best of his abilities, while his sidekick, Hannibal Buress, just awkwardly stands next to the celebrity, being useless.

The show has ran for four successful seasons, nowhere near the length of Snail Down, but it's hard to beat a legend. Each season has had 10 11-minute episodes, totaling up to 40 episodes, which is basically 10 hours of content. Add in the 2012 "New Years' Eve Spooktacular" and the 2018 special "Eric Andre Does Paris", and you've got 11 hours of content! Sounds like a good way to waste your life.

The show has achieved average ratings on Adult Swim, generally getting close to a million viewers per episode. The real success is online, where compilations and clips of the show have achieved views that make even the other talk shows jealous (unless you're James Corden or Jimmy Fallon, in that case go fuck yourself).

Rundown of most episodes

The show always starts with the announcer yelling "Ladies and gentlemen, it's The Eric Andre Show!" Eric then enters the stage, and promptly destroys it, while his house band foolishly plays on. During his tantrum, Eric also has a tendency to tackle his drummer and destroy his equipment. The house band doesn't really give a shit and continues to play on. Eventually, Eric gets tired of destroying the studio and sits down in a specially placed chair while his crew replaces all the equipment he destroyed: the desk, the sofa, the rectangular sign, the curtains, the pillars, even the plant.

Eric's sidekick, Hannibal Buress, enters from the left side of the stage to sit down on the crummy sofa. Eric goes up on stage to do a monologue, regardless of whether he's prepared or not. Most of the time, he's not. His jokes regularly suck. Hannibal loves to make it known that Eric's jokes suck. Eric doesn't.

Sketches appear through the episodes as pseudo commercial breaks. Almost all of them are ridiculous candid camera sketches that make you wonder how the hell they got permission to do the stuff. You'll probably be thinking, "did Eric's crew even get permission to completely destroy this harmless storefront?" You should be laughing, not thinking.

Eric then interviews two guests, either extremely obvious (and bad) celebrity impersonators or actual celebrities. The former was much more common in Season 1 and completely abandoned by Season 4. Eric and Hannibal often ask bizarre questions (often about the troubles in the Middle East) while the studio around them also creates problems (like rats). The celebrities end up feeling very awkward, which is pretty reasonable, given their surroundings.

Most episodes end with a musical act, often with a twist, like maybe having a bunch of rap-stars rap while doing Rap Star Ninja Warrior. Things go completely wrong. Then the show ends.

Differences per season

  • Season 1 is the only season made to look as intentionally cheap and shitty as possible. This season used vintage cameras from the 70s and 80s, a lot of stock music, and very cheap text effects for that authentic public access channel in North Dakota feel. The set is very plain: one rectangle, one ugly gold curtain, one tan sofa, a plant, and a desk. A very tall globe sits on the desk, along with a mic and a cup. Eric dresses casually. The announcer is Gary Anthony Williams.
  • Season 2 upgrades the show to high-definition. With HD comes actually modern cameras. The set now has the addition of two pillars, left and right. The curtains have changed to red. The desk looks fancier now. Eric actually has a suit now. There's another plant.
  • Season 3 changes the set yet again, giving it a much more fancy shmancy look. The red rectangle actually has depth to it, the curtains are now brown, the pillars are much more detailed, and there's sliding doors for the guests to enter through. New plants! Eric himself has gotten a new style, looking more like Katt Williams (more like Fatt Williams).
  • Season 4 introduces radical changes to the show. The previous house band has been completely replaced by white men (so much for diversity) and along with that comes a new theme song. The set, as expected, has a new look: the pillars are gone, the curtains are grey, the desk has been revamped, and the entire set just seems... filthier. Doesn't help that Eric looks like he hasn't showered in a year, which really isn't far off from the truth.[1]


The Eric Andre Show airs on Adult Swim. Sometimes the show doesn't air on the network, but that's okay, you can watch every episode (except "Eric Andre Does Paris") on Hulu. The Adult Swim app on Roku, iOS, and Android also has a free 24/7 marathon stream of the show that doesn't require cable, hooray!

Another solution would be watching "Eric Andre Funny Moments" compilations on YouTube, but that's technically illegal, isn't it?